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#005 Deep Eyes

Edition: #number 1 of 1

For Sale
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#005 Deep Eyes -- Es el espíritu de la última pantera nebulosa que existió en Taiwán, murió solo en libertad, pero nunca logró encontrar una pareja para perpetuar la especie, algunos piensan que aún sigue vivo y afirman haberlo visto, nunca abandonó su hogar y su presencia aún se siente en el aire It is the spirit of the last clouded leopard that existed in Taiwan. It died alone in freedom, but it never managed to find a mate to perpetuate the species. Some think it is still alive and claim to have seen it, it never left. your home and your presence is still felt in the air Each Tripping Cat NFT will include a short description/bio and the following bonuses: High-Resolution Image to Print, make profile pic and display on wall (virtual or physical)! 3D Model Rendering for Each Tripping Cat NFT, digital avatar that can eventually live in Metaverse environments Digital Art & Design Masterclass with Artist Joan Barbosa taking you behind-the-scenes of his creative process while building the Tripping Cats collection Example of 3D Rendering for Animation that comes with each NFT:

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