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#003 Ancient Panther

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#003 Ancient Panther -- Esta pantera nebulosa jamas ha visto a un humano, sabe que debe esconderse cuando esos ruidos extraños aparecen y eso hace que haya logrado sobrevivir hasta ahora , maestra del camuflaje se vuelve una sombra mas en medio de la noche es el alma felina, madre de todos los otros gatos This clouded leopard has never seen a human. It knows that it must hide when those strange noises appear and that makes it survive until now, master of camouflage becomes one more shadow in the middle of the night is the feline soul, mother of all the other cats. Each Tripping Cat NFT will include a short description/bio and the following bonuses: High-Resolution Image to Print, make profile pic and display on wall (virtual or physical)! 3D Model Rendering for Each Tripping Cat NFT, digital avatar that can eventually live in Metaverse environments Digital Art & Design Masterclass with Artist Joan Barbosa taking you behind-the-scenes of his creative process while building the Tripping Cats collection Example of 3D Rendering for Animation that comes with each NFT:

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