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Bacon Wrapped Business Access & Artwork

Edition: #number 1 of 1

For Sale
.125 ETH
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If you listened to my recent podcast episode with Powerfan founder, Jesse Krieger you'll be familiar with this NFT project. On the episode we discussed how creators can use the innovations behind NFT and blockchain to create new experiences for fans, customers, clients and social media followers. Also as a featured guest on the show, world renown artist, Ori Bengal appeared to discuss strategies for how to use NFT's for art. And for those who don't know, NFT's can serve as more than public record of ownership of an asset, but they can serve as a token-permissioned-adventure of sorts, where you can unlock experiences and bonus material... And that's what we're doing here. The holder of this unique 1 of 1 NFT will receive: - 1 hour phone or video consult with me, Brad Costanzo: Value: $2,500 - 1 custom artwork by Ori Bengal (digital & physical): Value: $3,000+ - 2500 PFAN tokens from Jesse and Powerfans: Value TBD as price rises. - AND the opportunity to be interviewed on the Bacon Wrapped Business podcast to talk about anything you want. Never owned an NFT, here's your chance.

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