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Mindset Mastery for Leaders & Business Owners (Gold)

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5 x Gold Level NFTs - This option gives you 1x one-on-one call with me over the 12 week period as well as 1 x one-on-one call with all your staff and select clients. You will get 12 weeks of weekly group coaching and accountability for you and/or your team members. Also included is full access to the Mindset Mastery for Leaders and Business owners course and training. In this NFT you will receive: - 12 weeks of Group coaching with Lauren for you and your team/ staff - 1 x one-on-one call with Lauren for you, each team/ staff member and select clients. - Access to the Mindset Mastery for Leaders and Business Owners course and training Certification for Course Completion - Exclusive Access to the Mindset Mastery Mastermind Retreat to be held at a future date - Exclusive access to coaching opportunities, surprise bonuses, challenges, and drops for NFT holders only In this course you will learn: - Understanding Habits - Epiphanies and Intuition - Positive Psychology - Understanding the Stages of Change - Emotional Intelligence - Handling the Weekly Accountability Check-ins - Goal Setting from a Habit and Mindset Perspective - How to Have Difficult Conversations & Mindset Training with Clients, Recorded Calls - Example of Mindset Shifts: Overwhelmed and Defeated - Developing a Solid Base for Mindset Work - Intuition, Resonating Words, and Disruptors - How to Make Your Idea Their Idea: The Backdoor Method - Sign Posts, Epiphanies, and Back Door Method Example - Using Habits to Keep Clients Accountable Example 1 - Using Habits to Keep Clients Accountable Example 2 - Self-Sufficiency in Habits: Start Where They’re At - Setting Intentions, Reflection, and Release: Tracking Progress and Noting Time - Role Play Examples for Backdoor Method Clients _______ How to purchase: Click "Purchase" You can pay with USD (Credit Card or PayPal) or Ethereum (Metamask). After payment is complete, you will be redirected to the link to copy and paste to access a quick sign-up form where you can fill in your name, email and phone to be given access to the Whatsapp group, and then access to sign up for the Mindset Mastery Courses

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