Power Partner

At PowerFan we believe that partnerships are the pathway to enduring success! We invite you to apply to be a Power Partner, where you can earn residual income streams by sharing PowerFan. For partners that have audiences of authors, content creators, musicians and artists, we can offer you 5,000 or more PFAN Tokens, as well as 5% on the earning streams of everyone you bring to PowerFan.

When you become a Power Partner, you will have a dedicated landing page and URL to share with your audience, and our team is available to create educational training and facilitate interactive learning experiences with your audience so they are minting NFTs lke a pro in no time.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons to become a Power Partner

  1. Get free PFAN Tokens airdropped to you. Consider it our "tokens of appreciation" for wanting to spread the word about PowerFan and bringing us some creators

  2. Dedicated URLs and valuable offers for your audience for example giving away 100 PFAN Tokens to everyone in your audience, and one lucky winner gets 2,500 PFAN! We can co-create appealing ways to introduce PowerFan to your audience

  3. Lifetime revenue share on earnings from everyone you refer to PowerFan! Earn money whenever creators sell NFTs & when people purchase PFAN Tokens, automatically, for life

PowerPartners Apply Here

White Glove Service

We can hold your hand and walk you through the whole process so you feel safe and secure on your journey into the world of NFTs.

You have the power

Use the PowerFan platform to create and sell your NFTs!

Full NFT minting capability with royalty settings, affiliate commissions, and unlockable content
Unlimited use of the PowerFan platform and ability to mint NFTs for sale on other platforms
You keep 97.5% of the sales proceeds, paid instantly with no middleman

White Glove Service

The PowerFan Team will work with you through the entire process of conceiving, creating, marketing and selling your NFTs and Digital Assets.

Hands-on support to create, market and sell your NFTs, so you can focus on delighting your audience
Offer creation, design advice and marketing strategy tailored to meet your needs
You keep 70% of the proceeds from the initial sale
$0 Cost to get started

Turnkey NFT concierge service

Customized solution to integrate NFTs and Digital Assets into your business model with complete front-to-back concierge support.

The PowerFan Team will consult with your business on an effective NFT and blockchain strategy to grow your business, delight your customers and generate you new income streams.
Turnkey support to envision, mint, market and sell NFTs + training and support for your team
Starting at $10,000