PowerFan is:

  • • A NFT Minting Platform for authors and content creators to create and sell exclusive content directly to their audience and fans.

  • • A DeFi Staking Platform where you can “earn while you learn”.

  • • A Library of Valuable Content that is available to fans for the price of a book each month.

  • • A Royalty Routing System that recaptures the 30-70% of revenue given to platforms like Amazon, increasing the earning potential for authors and content creators of all stripes.

What is Crypto?

Meet the PFAN Token

The PowerFan Token (PFAN) empowers content authors and creators
by helping them get paid via decentralized finance and blockchain technology.

The PowerFan Content Library & Exchange are Powered by The PFAN Token

Fans can access the entire library of content by staking or spending their PFAN tokens. Authors and Creators can mint custom NFTs that provide exclusive content, personal access, valuable training, and…well, anything else their creative minds can come up with!

Anyone can stake their crypto and earn interest and PFAN that accrues to them, and can also be directed towards their favorite creators.

Creators can incentivize their audience with custom offers, and Fans can “earn while they learn” on the PowerFan platform.

What is Crypto?