PFAN Staking Event!

Stake PFAN on Uniswap for bonus rewards up to 100% APY depending on staking rewards tokens left!

$5M worth of PFAN token staking rewards available!

Top Liquidity providers and early stakers will get prizes such as PowerFan Genesis NFTs that generate PFAN tokens.

Staking Event details

Limited amount of High staking rewards for the first stakers on Uniswap.

  1. 25% APY (Short Length Staking)

    You can withdraw the rewards anytime but do not unstake before you claim the rewards tokens on the Powerfan website, or all the rewards history will be lost.

  2. 50% APY (Over 1 Month)

    30-Day “Medium Rare” Bonus.

  3. 75% APY (Over 2 Months)

    60-Day “Well Done” Bonus

  4. 100% APY (Over 3 Months)

    90-Day “Burnt Crispy” Bonus!

  5. Genesis Token Prizes and Much More!

    Highest Ranked and Early Stakers will have the chance to earn the Genesis NFT and many more prizes