PFAN Token Sale on

PowerFan has Partnered with for initial public utility token sale

PFAN tokens have 8 unique utilities and usecases.

There will be a limited quantity of PFAN tokens to be sold to the public

Utility Token Sale details

Only a limited amount of tokens for public sale before going on other exchanges.

  1. Price for sale will gradually increase over time.

    First sale starts at aproximately $0.04 per token (0.000014 ETH) and will gradually increase.

  2. First come First Served

    The ealier you purchase the tokens, the more you will be able to buy until supply of the limited tokens run out.

  3. Complete transparent smart contract.

    All sales will be done via smart contract and fully transparent and Auditable on etherscan at contract address: 0xcbe079B53b8C0F794F165e352bBF07ECb5BCa32A

How to purchase with Metamask Mobile App

You must download the metamask mobile app from appstore or playstore. You can click here to download

You must download the metamask mobile app from appstore or playstore.
You can click here to download

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Learn how to purchase with the Metamask Mobile App.

Below is a tutorial on how to buy on a desktop or laptop computer.

How to purchase on a computer

Please install the metamask plugin with your crome or firefox browser.

You can click here to install

Learn the 8 uses of PFAN tokens

Learn about the value tokens have for building an amazing community of creators, authors, and artists

1. Dao voting for new features and voting on official Moderators of the platform
2. Used to Creator Tokens: 1:1 lockup of tokens to mint specific creator tokens like “Alberto” tokens
3. Stake and Read books, movies, music : earn while you learn like in Evan Carmichael's video together below:
4. Token swap: use on our defi exchange
5. Micro-loans and flash loans: see Aave style loans
6. Like Amazon gift cards: Buy NFTs with PFAN tokens for a discount
7. Multi-blockchain NFT protocol : one token to use to be able to mint NFTs on multiple chains at once when sold (Building our own oracle for NFTs)
8. Use pfan to buy advertisement space on powerfan website: hold your banner ads on each nft page for pay-per click ads with PFAN tokens