NFTs for Content Creators

PowerFan empowers content creators and fans to connect and conduct commerce in valuable new ways

Top three ways content creators can use NFTs

  1. Securely Provide Access to Exclusive Content

    NFTs and blockchain provide a safe and secure environment for your audience to access value-added content. NFTs act as the key to unlock your content.

  2. Monetize Your Audience in Creative Ways

    NFT sales are immediate and revenue appears in your wallet instantly. NFTs can have royalty payments set up by the original creator so that they can benefit on sales of their work in the secondary market

  3. Incentivize Fans to Share Your Content

    Bounties, referrals and our awards-based system encourages your fans to share your content on the platform, where the leaders can receive bonus content and other token bonuses.

White Glove Service

We can hold your hand and walk you through the whole process so you feel safe and secure on your journey into the world of NFTs.

You have the power

Use the PowerFan platform to create and sell your NFTs!

Full NFT minting capability with royalty settings, affiliate commissions, and unlockable content
Unlimited use of the PowerFan platform and ability to mint NFTs for sale on other platforms
You keep 97.5% of the sales proceeds, paid instantly with no middleman

White Glove Service

The PowerFan Team will work with you through the entire process of conceiving, creating, marketing and selling your NFTs and Digital Assets.

Hands-on support to create, market and sell your NFTs, so you can focus on delighting your audience
Offer creation, design advice and marketing strategy tailored to meet your needs
You keep 70% of the proceeds from the initial sale
$0 Cost to get started

Turnkey NFT concierge service

Customized solution to integrate NFTs and Digital Assets into your business model with complete front-to-back concierge support.

The PowerFan Team will consult with your business on an effective NFT and blockchain strategy to grow your business, delight your customers and generate you new income streams.
Turnkey support to envision, mint, market and sell NFTs + training and support for your team
Starting at $10,000