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PowerFan empowers authors, artists & creators to conduct commerce in valuable new ways using Defi, social tokens and blockchain technology

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Most Advanced Token Technology

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Anti-Whale, Anti-bot trading, and Anti-dumping built in to keep a safe environment for token buyers.

Safe and Fair

5% LP tax goes directly to the Uniswap pool forever strengthening the project price floor with anti whale prevention built in.

Passive Income

3% reflection tax goes direct to every holder proportionately from every transaction

Development Wallet

5% of every transaction goes to further develop the project for the engineering team and market PFAN products for utilitv

Complete Disruption of DEFI and NFT technology

POWERFAN's ground breaking technology provides revolutionary integration of DEFI and NFTs that has never been done ever before.

Creator Coin

Tokenize your business and brand with Creator Coins! PowerFan makes it easy for you to conceive, launch and sell your very own $COIN. Unlike other platforms that are "walled gardens" where your token is trapped, Creator Coins are ERC-20 tokens that can be used on any DEX, compose DeFi products and price your goods, services and content in your very own coin

Content Marketplace

Are you a creator looking to earn money in crypto while reaching new fans? Perhaps you just love content and want to "earn while you learn". That is the promise of the PowerFan Creator Marketplace, giving the power back to creators and fans to engage and earn with exclusive content.

Defi Staking

Provide liquidity, stake PFAN and earn up to 100% APY with our multi-chain staking offerings on Ethereum, Polygon (and soon Fantom, Metis and more). Your staked balance allows you to "earn while you learn" by accessing exclusive content and opportunities provided by your favorite creators

Creators have the Power Now

Use PowerFan to sell Exclusive Content, create custom digital assets, and incentivize your fans to share your content

For Authors

Create & deliver value-added bonuses to your readers. Get paid directly and instantly while creating assets with secondary market resale value.

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For Content Creators

Monetize your audience in creative new ways & reward your biggest fans for sharing your content. Safely and securely provide access to exclusive content and connect directly with fans

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For Fans, Affiliates & Publishers

Get paid to share your favorite creator's content and earn a % of lifetime revenue for referring new creators to PowerFan. Feature PowerFan NFTs to your audience to earn PFAN and social clout.

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Launch Your Token & Provide DeFi Staking to Your Customers and Audience

Let PowerFan support you in launching your own $TOKEN and providing decentralized finance opportunities in your business and to your audience and fans.

Launch Your Own $TOKEN

Tokenize your business and unlock new opportunities on the blockchain, such as DeFi Staking and passive income generation.

White Glove Service

The PowerFan Team will work with you through the entire process of conceiving, creating, marketing and selling your $TOKEN and Digital Assets.

Turnkey DeFi Concierge Service

Leverage the PowerFan platform to integrate DeFi Staking into your business model with complete front-to-back concierge support.

Full Token Launch capability with no technology knowledge required

Unlock new sources of revenue for your business and ways to monetize your audience

Earn passive income from token sales and sell your content, services and experiences in your own $TOKEN

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How to Stake PFAN & Earn Up to 100% APY

The PowerFan DeFi Staking Platform puts the power of cryptocurrency in your hands.

Video Tutorial Here.

Set up your wallet

Add Polygon Network and MATIC

Purchase PFAN Tokens

Choose Your Staking Option

Create and connect your ERC-20 compatible cryptocurrency wallet. We recommend the industry standard MetaMask. This is the wallet where your rewards will accrue.

Backed By The Bests

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PowerFan empowers authors, artists & creators to conduct commerce in
valuable new ways using Defi, social tokens and blockchain technology